There’s no set-in-stone definition as to what cooking like a man is but it usually involves fire, cooking outside, smoke in your eyes, a grill, meat, pasta, cheese, peppers, blackened cookware and gadgetry.

This site will feature great contributions and websites by those who participate in manly cooking.

Be warned: There will be cheese, butter and cooked animal flesh recipes posted here.  There may accidentally be healthy things too. I’ll have fast and easy as well as horribly-long-complicated-and-likely-to-fail endeavors. I’ll be cooking lots of things from my favorite cookbooks, TV shows, copy-cat recipes of restaurant dishes as well as reviews of new foods, tools and snacks I come across.

What I also hope to accomplish is teaching my kids to cook so they don’t get hooked on fast food for the rest of their lives. Cooking together and eating as a family more often is also a great plus. Hopefully cooking at home will become as easy as ordering out or hitting the drive through. The monetary benefits will hopefully offset the costs of the new kitchen I’m building. If I can teach my kids how to cook and I can learn how to cook some great meals at home it will be well worth it.

It’s a man’s job to make sure his family eats well and that good cooking skills get passed onto his kids.

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