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Easy crock pot greek stew

It’s still cold outside here in the high desert, so crock pottery is still my go-to dinner…

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Coconut pineapple shrimp curry

There’s a little Thai place up the street and they make this great pineapple coconut shrimp curry….

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Crock pot spicy sweet pulled pork sliders

The crock pot is probably the the most important and under-appreciated cooking implement for the modern man….

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Green and red tomato and corn soup

I have a bazillion little green tomatoes that won’t get ripe and some straggler red tomatoes so…

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Cowboy candy: Candied jalapeno peppers

My garden’s overflowing with jalapenos and serranos this year and I’ve stuffed them every way I can…

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

OK I Lied. There’s no wings in here, I use chicken tenderloins in any recipe for wings….

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Keep handy: Chopped peppers

I love peppers. I grow them every year and always have more left than I can possibly…

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How to make chicken noodle soup like a man

Making a simple pot of soup is something every man should be able to do. It doesn’t…