Keep handy: Chopped peppers

I love peppers. I grow them every year and always have more left than I can possibly use whole. Instead of taking up two drawers of gallon-sized bags of whole peppers, I like to chop them down for freezing.

Look at these peppers.

Stop reading, go back, just look at them. This is a weeks worth of peppers from my garden. Habaneros, jalapenos, little reds, cayennes and Anaheims in there. Chopped together they make a great overall pepper mixture.

Chop the stems and bug-bitten parts off.

Throw them into the food processor with a chop blade and chop them down. I use my little Cuisinart Duet Processor. The chopper blade makes pretty short work of these little guys.

Mix it all up with a little cumin and that whole big bowl will now fit in a medium-sized plastic container you can keep right in your freezer door.

You can just grab a spoonful right out of the freezer instead of those dried flakes or store-bought peppers and plop them right into whatever you are cooking. It only takes a few seconds to to sly them into your wife’s bland soups when she isn’t looking. Soups, burgers or crock-pottery, add a scoop to anything.