White Habaneros and red trinidads repening up!

I thought I would try to make a screaming hot white sauce this year so I got some of those white carrots & about 12 white habanero plants which look to have about 100 little peppers per plant. They are starting to ripen white and they are about  as hot as an orange hab with a little less fruity flavor than the oranges. Last year I was stuffing these into the orange ones with cream cheese and bacon and they were good. I also got White Bhut Jolokia plants going, about 3 survived to bear fruit this year but they are all still green for now.

Also ripening are these evil scary little monster looking peppers. Unfortunately the windstorm in May  blew all my little signs across the yard so I don’t know if these are the red trinidads or the red congos.

All in all I have about 24 super hots growing in their own little area and another area over by the tomatoes with about 12 jalapeno, 4-6 orange habs and a couple super hots whose signs also blew away.  Stay tuned for pain.

Oh ya, see these sneaky little bastards? These are black pearl peppers, I let my little girl plant them all across the front of the house. They were supposed to be decorative only, no heat. One fell off and my little girl ran away from it all scared like it would burn her so I popped it in my mouth like a dumbass to prove it wasn’t hot. Holy crap it was hot. I don’t know what the hell is up with plants this year but all the onions are super rich, and one of my jalapeno plants is putting out jalapenos hot as habs. Maybe it’s the weather we had this year.


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