My favorite snack: Jalapenos, cheese, bacon and Creminelli’s salami

Cooking like a man often requires cheese, bacon, peppers and salami. Fortunately these come together to make my favorite fast snack: Stuffed jalapeños. I get a couple different kinds of cheeses: feta and bleu, fresh jalapeños, bacon and my new favorite salami: Creminelli Bolognase sliced thin.

The deli I get my cheeses from charges $19 a pound for bleu and gets all snooty with me when I ask for a little tiny wedge enough for a snack. Over to the $7.99 a pound salad bar for that instead. This deli has a wonderful salad bar with large crumbled bacon bits they make up right in the store too. A couple of salad dressing-sized  containers and 2 bucks worth of ‘salad bar’ fixins and we have our stuffing on the cheap.

Cut the tops off the jalapeños and if you don’t have a fancy Jalapeno Corer
a butter knife works fine to remove the guts. Leave a couple seeds in there for some extra heat.

I have one of these Jalapeño Grill holders for grilling, but the thing doesn’t have big enough holes for the fat peppers so I have to prop them up in a muffin pan.

Now stuffing peppers isn’t brain surgery. Roll up the cheese with the Creminelli slices and just drop them in there. Mix it up, try combos of different cheeses and bacon, salami, ham, go crazy.

Throw them in the oven (ya I know a BBQ would be better but someone left my grill gas canister valve on all winter and the gas leaked out) on 350 until the cheese all melts and the peppers cook soft, about 15 minutes.

The melted cheese and fat from the salami or bacon actually tempers the heat from the peppers making a great snack, enjoy.

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