New rev-a-shelf spice rack

I saw these nifty little slide-out cabinet racks on clearance at the hardware store about 1 year ago and they have been gathering dust ever since. I finally got one installed and I don’t know why I waited so long.

The side cabinets under my cook-top aren’t wide enough for my dutch ovens or big pots so they aren’t really used for much more than a couple cookie trays. Add in the fact I have to turn all the way around and access my spices from the cabinet behind me (oh the horror) I finally got one installed.

You remove the hinged door from your cabinet and set it aside. You mount the whole rack onto the bottom of the cabinet, attach the door you took off to the front of the rack and voila, instant handy spice rack. The shelves are adjustable too. Slides nice and smooth. You have to install some sort of door pull at the top center of  the door but that’s easy enough, I had a couple extra drawer pulls left over from my drawers. Took about 40 minutes.

I don’t see these available on rev-a-shelf’s website anymore which is probably why they were clearance’d out but there’s a nearly identical one available.

Door Mountable 5 in Pull-Out Base Organizer . spice rack



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