Smoked spare ribs on the DIY smoker

The first thing I’m trying on this cheap smoker is ribs using a simple method:

3 hours in the smoker, bone side down.

2 hour back in the smoker, bone side down wrapped in foil.

1 hour back in the smoker, out of the foil, bone side down.  Add sauce 20-30 minutes prior to service.

There’s a bazillion rubs for sale out there and plenty of online recipes for home-made ones. I’m using this great little sweet & spicy rub and sauce from stonewall kitchen.

Remove the membrane from the back of the rack and rub the rub all over every part of the rack. Some people really like to cake the rub on but I prefer a little less than most people. I also like to use rubs that do not have a lot of sugar as it tends to burn.  Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Take it out about an hour before you start smoking so it gets to room temperature.

mem mem2

I’m using a pan of Hickory wood for this batch. I used a couple of disposable aluminum pie plates to make a combination drip pan and to help keep direct heat off the rack. Flip one pan over onto the wood and use that to hold the drip pan.

smokepan smokepans

hikk3 ribs

Place the rack  on the smoker, bone side down, start the heat. Smoke for 3 hours at about 225 degrees. I added some BGE gasket to help it seal.

After 3 hours, bone side up in the foil for 2 hours.
rib222 foil

One more hour, bone side down. 30 minute before serving, I add a little bit of honey BBQ sauce and let it thicken up. I like my ribs almost to the point of falling off the bone.


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