Fresh summer corn squash kebabs

Kebabs are not brain surgery but there are a couple of things you can do to make your kebabs better. I’m using great local corn, zucchini, summer squash and beef for this batch.

How many of each do you need? I’m not always exact with my meals.
Just line up how ever many squash, peppers, ears of corn and cubed beef you have and that’s the length of kebabs you will have.
I figure one foot of raw food for each adult. That’s about 2 bobs each.

I like to make a simple seasoning of  1/2 tbsp each of  salt, pepper, cumin and cayenne pepper for mine. If you have a bunch of random rubs, seasonings and mixed flavor spices getting old in the spice rack, try those too.

You’ll need these:

Start the skewers soaking in water an hour or two before cooking then make the kids clean and slice up all those veggies.

Some cubed stew meat ( Or cubed regular steak), I like to soak mine in Teriyaki marinade a few hours before grilling.

The key to cooking kebabs right is making sure all the pieces on one kebab are about the same size. This way wider pieces don’t suspend the smaller pieces off of the grill. I use little biscuit cutters to make the larger pieces right for the bobs and feed the trimmed parts to the rabbits, throw them in a soup, compost, whatever.  Also if you are going to skewer  corn, get a little awl or phillips screwdriver (wash well first!) and punch the skewer-holes with that first or you will just break all your skewers trying to put corn on them.

Ready to go! Dust with seasoning and get on the heat!

I prefer to use a grill over the gas stove or wrap the bobs in foil with some more sauce in the BBQ.  Grilling on a cast iron grill on medium heat is my favorite method. Only takes 4-5 minutes on each of 4 sides and they turn out great!

If you want to use a BBQ, I suggest not cooking on the open grill as all the good juice drips off. Wrap them in foil in the BBQ and the fluid will help steam the corn too.


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