30 day Utah Local Food challenge: Week 1 food received!

The Utah local food challenge is a great local food event sponsored by Family fitness and foodie over at The Family Practice Blog.

I’ve received my first week’s goodies which includes several squashes. I am glad I’ll be pressed into finding ways to prepare these to satisfy a staunch carnivore. In addition I always seem to attract free squashes from the local neighbors. Maybe they are trying to convert me.

We’ve got tomatoes, corn, some breakfast sausage, happy cow ground beef, tomato jam, honey, local milk and squashes. I also have more tomatoes, carrots, peppers from mild to wild, one broccoli plant, the neighbor’s apple and plum tree overhanging my yard that I’ll be able to start harvesting and cooking with too!

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2 thoughts on “30 day Utah Local Food challenge: Week 1 food received!

  1. Hey James – just a quick clarification. You have a sun jewel melon (in the top left of your photo), that’s a relative of the honeydew. There’s one yellow/green patty pan squash, a large armenian cucumner – the giant green one – and one small yellow, prickly thing which is the lemon cucumber šŸ™‚

    Happy eating!

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