Cook like a man cookbook!

So I was doing a little “let see what comes up when I search for my website” last week and came across this gem:

Boom, a cook like a man cookbook. I ordered it from Amazon for 3 bucks and it showed up today. Verdict: Not bad! It’s spiral bound which means it will actually lay flat or prop up against something when you are using it in the kitchen

A good book for some manly kitchen basics with sauces, BBQs and a bunch of easy “Oh ya, guy must have made that” recipes. I’ll be tearing through some of these in the coming weeks and adding my own preferences (AKA peppers) to most of them.

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  1. Next time,leave a caution note on prepping jala peperrs,stripped all the oils on my hands. Still dealing with it,for a mounth. Thanks

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