Great little hot sauce recipe cookbook!

It’s that time of year again, got the pepper sprouts planted and the BBQ fired up and I came across a great manly little cookbook featuring heat!

First of all I was impressed when the pictures of peppers showed jalapenos the proper color: RED! Whether  you are a true pepperhead or budding fan of hot peppers and sauces, this is a great all-around cookbook. It has a good amount of chile history, regional information and sectioned off into different types of sauces, chilmoles and other great hot food. What I also love about the book is it definitely follows my mantra of cooking simply with fresh ingredients. Food doesn’thave to have 50 ingredients or take hours to prep, it just has to be good.

I’ve started off with the chile verde and Mexican shrimp cocktail so far and they were both spot-on delicious! I’ll feature some of the food here for sure!

Author: admin